“Bound Boxing” Scores a KO

Posted by Michele Chong on 8/17/2011 to Boxing Information

Well if that’s true, then the men and women, boys and girls of a local community boxing club are certainly “bound” to succeed.

The Burbank Boxing Club received a new donation from Bound Boxing, a Southern California-based company offering a large assortment of boxing apparel, fight gear and more. Their motto is, “Bringing new fashion to the boxing community and making boxing champions one day at a time.”

Testing out the new colorful duds in these fun photos are club members Damien, Angela, David, Odette and Alice. Along with head trainer Steve Harpst, the group put on these T-shirts just as training was getting underway.

Right off the bat, the eye-catching colors and bright graphics of the clothing caught their eye.

“COOL!” said 11-year-old Alice as she nabbed the gray shirt with a crest of lions, wings and a sword.

Her gym mates quickly followed suit picking out their black and white Ts to wear during their workout.

The ladies liked the way the fabric felt while they trained. “It’s really soft and smooth and easy to work out in,” they noticed immediately.

Bound Boxing’s line of tees are also popular walkout shirts as well. The company began in 2007. Since then Juan J. Medina Jr. and his crew have done a bang-up job in supporting amateur fighters and pro champions in their four-year ascent while making their name known in and out of the gyms. Besides their array of fight equipment, they also offer boxing instruction and have sponsored thriving amateur clubs.

Their donation of shirts and Everlast duffel bags to this boxing club came just in time as trainer Harpst celebrated the group’s 15th anniversary this past weekend. His young amateurs compete in local shows and have also traveled to other states and also Canada to take part in international competitions.

But with the recession, the rocketing price of gas, and soaring traveling expenses, the club really appreciates any helping hand–or glove. Nonprofit amateur clubs like Coach Steve’s are forced to fund the majority of equipment and added expenses themselves, out of their own pockets. With a constant growth seen in his club, Harpst has a never-ending need for new equipment for all of his amateurs.

And sixteen-year-old Damien and little Alice were two happy kids that were also very appreciative of the items. Between jump roping and shadowboxing, I saw them glance at their reflection in the mirrors. Lookin’ sharp in their shirts, which featured designs and sayings on both the front and back, the young boxers said they really liked their new looks.

While they continued to train, I asked the kids if they’d wear the shirts to school, outside of the boxing gym.

“Yeah, for sure!” they both answered right away.

Angie and Odette also chimed in. “These are awesome,” the ladies said. “I’d definitely wear these outside of the gym too.” In a unanimous decision, the gang said the gear was more than fashionable enough to wear outside the ropes as well.

Check out this six-pack of boxers as they strike a pose in their new Bound Boxing gear.

You’ve heard of 007′s Bond Girls”? Here’s a peek at my trio of “Bound Girls” as the gals–and guys–became my hard-hitting “models” for the night!

Looks like this group is “bound” for success–in and out of the ring!

Thanks again to Bound Boxing.

For more info: www.boundboxing.com

Photos by Michele Chong


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