Coach Rick "The Mittologist" Boxing Mitt Work DVD's


Coach Rick is a certified professional boxing trainer with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board and USA Amateur Boxing Association, Coach James "Ricky" Coward has been training professional and amateur fighters for over 10 years, has well over 30 years experience in the sport and is an accomplished professional boxing trainer.


Having trained a number of amateur and professional fighters including two world champions, Coach Rick has received critical acclaim for his "technical" boxing pad-work and is constantly requested to assist other trainers to utilize his pad-work with their fighters.


James Ricky Coward has become an inspiration to hundreds of fitness professionals and trainers around the world through his Technical Mitt-work training, as well as his adaptation of the world renowned Mayweather Style System of Pad Work. Coach Rick has become a well respected mitt-work and fitness trainer and is highly regarded as one of the best at what he does.

He has designed a system of Mitt-work that will allow any of his clients feel great by building muscle strength, improving body tone, promoting cardiovascular health, and enhancing confidence.


Basic Technical Mitt-Work Vol.1 is available for purchase ($15 Free Shipping Anywhere) - Highly recommended to strengthen the fundamentals of proper mitt-work.
The highly anticipated follow up to Basic Technical Mitt-Work is now available... Advanced Technical Mitt-Work Vol. 2 by Coach Rick ($25 Free Shipping)
Also Available, Special Edition DVD and Mastering the Art of Technical Mitt-work User Manual. ($20 Free Shipping)


The NEWEST to the collection is the Technical Boxing Mechanics & Footwork DVD which is an excellent DVD that compliments the collection and takes technique to a whole new level. ($25 Free Shipping)


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